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It is a gateway to deep relaxation of the body and mind. It helps you to your 'relaxation place' which can open a pathway to stress relief and healing.

Utilizing specially crafted Himalayan singing bowls, Flora Jerde, Certified & Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist,

induces vibrating sound waves into the body with rhythmic strikes to the bowls.

These vibrations, along with the soothing ambient tones from the bowls, are such a strong treatment that clients report falling into deep relaxation or a meditative state, usually very quickly.

Often compared to a massage,

the techniques associated with Vibrational Sound Therapy have some important differences: 

Two major comfort barriers that prevent many from receiving a traditional massage

are the unease with removing clothing and being touched by a stranger.

In the Vibrational Sound Therapy method, the client remains fully clothed and is

only minimally touched directly by the therapist, such as when placing a singing bowl.

Plus Vibrational Sound Therapy won’t leave you feeling the muscle soreness that may develop with deep massage. 

In fact, many report pain relief.

See the Reviews page for reviews from Flora's clients and what this therapy has meant for them.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is not intended to diagnose or cure any diseases.

The modality is a method of deep relaxation that can relieve stress and improve emotional well-being,

a state which can open a pathway for clarity, focus and healing.

How does it work?

One theory includes the potential effects of bin-aural beats in which the brain channels to the hertz difference between tones played in each ear, propelling the brain into brainwave states of deep relaxation, such as beta waves or even meditative or trance-like brainwave states in theta waves. In addition, potentially the action of sound waves on the body's biofield or energy field could be a factor.

$25.00/15 min. session   

$45.00/1/2 hour session

$80.00/1 hour session

For studies on the use of singing bowls for therapy and the benefits of deep relaxation see these links:

Research Article: Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Study by Tamara L. Goldsby, PhD; Michael E. Goldsby, PhD;' Mary McWalters, BA; Paul J. Mills, PhD

Article: - Turns out Sound Healing can be Actually, well, Healing by Corinne Purtell

What Science Says About the Effectiveness of Relaxation Techniques from the US Department of Health and Human Services

Questions? Contact Flora

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