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We are excited to introduce a cutting-edge technology in brain fitness called BrainTap®.  It is a device that uses light and sound to get you out of the fight-or-flight, highly stressed mode, and into a state of relaxation where positive changes occur. 


The BrainTap® Headset uses red and blue lights in the earphones to calm the nervous system, free up meridian points and encourage healing. The visor lights are encoded to get you into the desired state required to achieve the goal.  


The words used in the BrainTap® system applies epigenetics which says that 98% of what causes you to function is not in your genes but in your surroundings (people you associate with, books you read, tv/movies, thoughts you think, etc.). BrainTap® helps retrain your brain to bring it into balance so you can think and act in a more clear, relaxed manner. It helps eliminate stress, enhance sleep quality, reduce anxiety, change brain chemistry and more. This can allow you to feel good, accomplish more and live a fuller life. 


BrainTap® offers over 50 different categories such as sleep, anxiety, PTSD, autism, goal setting, weight wellness, addiction and so much more. It takes a passive and personal approach, so it easily fits into your existing healthcare needs. Your body and mind synchronize with the ideas and concepts and bring to pass the positive results you want in your life. Let BrainTap® do the work for you with its simple, portable, and easy-to-use system!


$250.00/10 session punch card

*Membership also available*



The BrainTap® headset uses unique frequencies of

light and sound to produce incomparable brain fitness.

Think Better - BrainTap® gives you the gift of a present mind. Instead of feeling

overwhelmed and distressed, you feel energized, focused, and confident.

Sleep Better - Retrain your brain to relax into your body's natural sleep pattern

and awaken rested, revitalized, and renewed.

Perform Better - As your brain develops a heightened sense of clarity and your

energy returns to full form, your performance accelerates naturally.


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