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Beyond Blessed Therapies recently added a new THERAPY!!!!

Cryotherapy has so many benefits including:

- reducing inflammation

- pain relief in joints and/or muscles

- weight loss and decrease in inches

- tightening and toning problem areas

- relief and recovery from injuries

- and many more!

Cryotherapy has been proven to continue working up to several months after the last session. We are so excited to offer this therapy in the Central WI Area! If you are an athlete, someone with pain, or simply want to reduce inflammation in your body, then CRYO is for you!!!


What is Subzero localized (targeted) cryotherapy?
America Cryo’s Subzero handheld works by delivering short bursts
of -110F carbon dioxide that drops skin temperature 59 degrees in
30 seconds, initiating a process called thermal shock.

Bodysculpting (cryoslimming) for stubborn fat
When used on problem areas, the sudden drop in skin temperature
induces cryolipolysis, or destruction of fat cells. Over time, the body
removes those cells. The process also cosmetically tightens the skin.
Many clients see a one-inch reduction in girth after only one session
and increased and sustained fat loss after multiple sessions.
Women/ Men
Abdomen, Beer belly,
Breast & butt lifts, Love handles,
Thighs, Gynecomastia (man boobs),
Batwing arms, Jawline,
Double chin

Cryofacials (Frotox)



Diffused through a cone, the same ultra-cold CO2 turns
into a soothing, soft frozen mist that relaxes muscles in the
face, produces a rosy glow and cosmetically tightens skin.
It’s also thought to stimulate production of collagen over time,
further firming the skin.
Women and Men
Crows feet Turkey neck
Marionette lines Fine lines and wrinkles
Sports recovery and readiness (reduce pain & inflammation)
Spas also are tapping localized cryotherapy’s other benefits—
quick pain relief and reduction of swelling and inflammation—
to provide packages of services to whole teams of athletes, 10 to 20
athletes at a time, for whole seasons of play.
Subzero: It’s the OG
First introduced in France in 2001, Subzero is the original targeted
cryotherapy handheld, trusted by more than 10,000 spas, cryo
centers, physical therapists and chiropractors around the world.

Please call or text our office to schedule your appointment! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and how cryotherapy would be able to benefit you! We can’t wait to see you and help you with your healing!

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