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My journey for doing alternative therapies started when I understood how effective Reiki was for my mom, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  I realized the power of touch was so beneficial and did so much for the body. 

I went to Massage Therapy School after my mom passed away.  I knew I wanted to do more with other people going through dis-ease in their lives. 

After Massage Therapy school I started working in hospice and have been working with hospice patients since 2006 doing Therapeutic Massage Therapy.

 I discovered Vibrational Sound Therapy (frequency therapy) in 2018 and became a Licensed Vibration Sound Therapist in 2019 and I loved seeing the difference in people after they got done with a VST session.

 In 2021 I was feeling a shift happening and I was starting to feel like I wanted to help people live a longer life and work with them before they reached the diseased state.  My focus was becoming clear that I was focusing more on the living side of the “Living Journey”.   I continued my education getting Certified in Vibroacoustic Therapy and became a BrainTap practitioner.

I opened my own practice July 2021 doing more with

frequency, vibration, sound, and light therapy.  

My goal is to help you achieve your Optimal health on you Living Journey

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